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Zubair SEC sends member on certification training programme to India
Muscat, Oman, 5 February 2018

To equip her with knowledge and best manufacturing practices for the production of “henna hair colouring products”, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) sent its member Zaima Saif Nasser Al Salami, founder of “Grandma’s Mixes” brand, on a certification training programme at the Institute of Natural and Modern Cosmetech, considered a pioneer organisation in the field of cosmetics training and research, in Faridabad in India.

Zaima, who specialises in herbal and henna preparations, is a winner of the Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2017.

The objective of the training was to make Zaima go through an intensive certification programme designed for those who want to enter into the production of hair henna hair colouring products.

Ziama, who has now completed her training and received professional certification, is equipped to formulate three colours of henna including black, brown and burgundy. The formulas, she has learnt in the training programme, are commercially approved industrial recipes.

Zaima, who has extensive work experience in the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman, has a Masters in Information Technology from the University of Queensland in Australia, and a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry from Sultan Qabous University.

Nauzer Nowroji, Senior Advisor at Zubair SEC said, “We are very proud that Zaima has armed herself with a certificate from a reputed institute in India which is known for its research, development and training. The institute is also actively engaged in the offering specialised training classes in hair henna formulation.”

He added, “Zaima started the herbal and henna products business from her home. Once she joined Zubair SEC we advised her to get the product tested from a government body. Once her product was fully certified we mutually agreed that it was important for her to be fully trained and certified in both formulation and development of henna products. We explored many options and decided to send her to this well-known institute. We are pleased with the outcome and certain the training will help in her entrepreneurial voyage.”

Zubair SEC did the entire planning for her training and the Direct Support Programme’s grant paid for all resulting cost and expenses. Having received a professional certificate from the institute, Zaima can now mass produce and also knows how to manage, store and mix the ingredients professionally. She now has an operating manual to formulate the mix too.

Preparations are now on to officially launch Grandma's Mixes has full-fledged brand in first half of the second quarter of 2018. A manufacturing unit is being built to help her mass produce the products. Talks are on with beauty parlours and outlets on the marketing and distributing of her brand.

Expressing gratitude to Zubair SEC, Zaima said, “I thank Zubair SEC for providing me with this training opportunity. This training has empowered me to head a profitable business as it has given me practical experience. I have obtained a host of vital information on various aspects of hair henna preparations including ingredients and their functions, processes of manufacturing formulations, raw material required among other things. The certification has given me confidence, skill and qualification to work efficaciously in this industry.”

One of Oman’s significant social responsibility initiatives, Zubair SEC has always been in the forefront in assisting ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow assertively. Through Zubair SEC, its members have been getting better access to knowledge, innovation and understanding of the market.

On similar lines Zubair SEC had sent its member Kathia Hamid Al Nabhani, founder and manager of Jana’en Al Hamra Private School, Al Hamra, for a trip to leading private schools in Jordan. To strengthen their business practices in the burgeoning tourism, Zubair SEC had also sent Amer Al Rawahi, owner of Arab Adventurers Company to Spain for exposure to international experience. The Centre had moreover sent Naser Saleh Al Broumi, founder of Al Broumi National Enterprises which specialises in honey product to attend the 45th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress held in Istanbul, Turkey.

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