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Zubair SEC member attends construction and building material exhibition in Turkey
Kayseri, Turkey, 17 April 2018

To help better equip her with industry knowledge, Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) supported its member Jamela Hamed Said Al Seyabi to attend a construction and building material exhibition in Turkey.

Zubair SEC member Jamela Al Seyabi is founder of Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya and winner of Direct Support Programme for the year 2016. Wardat Al Wadi Al Wataniya imports and distributes doors and accessories for commercial and residential projects.

The objective of sending Jamela to one of Turkey's largest exhibitions was to expose her to the latest products, new trends, technologies and innovations.

In connection with the exhibition Jamela has signed an agreement with a door supplier which Zubair SEC identified for her.  She also parleyed with door accessories suppliers and to seal the deal Zubair SEC is currently helping her review the samples and offer.

Thanking Zubair SEC, Jamela Al Seyabi said, “This was an ideal platform for me to establish partnerships and develop long-term collaborations with door companies and manufacturers of door accessories. It was a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in construction and building materials industry to connect with experts and manufacturers. The exhibition showcased cutting edge technology in home building products including doors with displays from leading brands. It was a wonderful learning opportunity and I am grateful to Zubair SEC for the support.”

Adel Hubeishi, Senior Advisor, Zubair SEC said, “With so much changing, it’s vital for everyone involved in construction and the allied industries to stay informed about what is happening. Exhibitions like these are definitely a great way to learn about the industry and get to know about the latest trends. For Jamela, this exhibition was an ideal opportunity to meet face to face with suppliers and learn from experience. We are proud of her achievements as a women entrepreneur who has dared to succeed in a non-traditional field of business. Zubair SEC has always been in the forefront in assisting ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow assertively and further develop their business. This effort was in this connection.”

Facilitating expedition and exposure trips to its members is an endeavour that Zubair SEC has been taking for years. Earlier, Zubair SEC sent its member Naser Saleh Al Broumi, founder of Al Broumi National Enterprises which specialises in honey to attend the 45th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress held in Kayseri, Turkey. Moreover, to equip her with knowledge of established industrial henna recipe for hair, Zubair SEC sent its member Zaima Saif Nasser Al Salami, founder of Grandma’s Mixes on a certification training programme at the Institute of Natural and Modern Cosmetech considered a pioneer organisation in the field of cosmetics training and research in Faridabad in India. Zubair SEC had also sent its member Kathia Hamid Al Nabhani, founder and manager of Jana’en Al Hamra Private School, Al Hamra, for a trip to leading private schools in Jordan. To strengthen business practices in the burgeoning tourism, Zubair SEC had sent Amer Al Rawahi, owner of Arabs Adventurers Company to Spain to expose him to international experience.


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