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OMINVEST Proceeds with Extending Support to Zubair SEC ’s Member
Muscat, 25 September 2018

As part of its commitment to support Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and to further encourage entrepreneurship, OMINVEST, the leading investment group in the Sultanate, has been extending support in collaboration with Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC), by sponsoring a winning seat under the Direct Support Programme 2018.

OMINVEST had adopted the seat of the Direct Support Programme winner, Bahiya Hilal Sultan Al Shuaibi; founder of Global Space and Technology Company. They chose to adopt this seat given the fact that OMINVEST is very keen on environmental, sustainability and educational projects. The new winner is founder of a private initiative established to contribute to Oman's space industry and promote its associated technologies, whilst providing education programs to the youth.

Soon after the winners of the Direct Support Programme were announced; Zubair SEC team held intensive meetings with Bahiya Al Shuaibi to agree on the plan of action for the coming year. Once the strategy was chalked out, Zubair SEC’s team of advisors along with OMINVEST team and Bahiya kicked off collaboration. The agreed scope of support is based on encompassed major KPIs and milestones to be achieved. The role of the Support Partner OMINVEST is not only financial, but the collaboration will tap on the deep experiences, guidance and business opportunity from the company.

Zubair SEC has been able to scale up the impact of the Direct Support Programme thanks to its Support Partners who have shown trust in the programme and contributed to its success by adopting seats like Oasis Logistics in 2016, and OMINVEST in 2017. OMINVEST renewed its support to the programme in 2018 after a successful experience the year before. Also, this year ARA Petroleum, a dynamic entrant to the exploration and production industry of the oil and gas sector in Oman adopted one of the seats of Direct Support Programme for 2018.

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Balushi, Group CEO, OMINVEST said, “We are pleased to sponsor the seat won by Bahiya and her Global Space and Technology Company. This aligns with our objectives to contribute to the development of a knowledge-based national economy and we believe that her educational project has immense potential. Bahiya’s firm is a pioneer in private space initiative in Oman and deserves our full support to fulfil her ambitions in the area of Space and Scientific innovation. We have been extremely happy to collaborate with previous Direct Support Programme winners who have been putting their best foot forward towards growing and developing their businesses. Last year, we worked together to highlight the importance of promoting a culture of environmental responsibility, especially in the area of waste management”.

He added: “OMINVEST has been a catalyst for empowering local businesses and creating opportunities for Omani nationals. We would like to applaud Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme which is a leading much needed and impactful initiative. Zubair SEC has a distinguished track record in supporting small enterprises and entrepreneurs in the Sultanate. We appreciate their ongoing efforts and perseverance to keep serving this highly important segment”.

Expressing her gratitude .Bahiya AlShuaibi said, “I am thankful for the support of OMINVEST which will help me grow my business faster. I am also glad I will benefit from the comprehensive advisory and guidance from the experts at Zubair SEC. This kind of support can go a long way in making one a successful entrepreneur.”

Ali Shaker, Advisor–Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, “We are certain that support from large companies such as OMINVEST will open doors for opportunities for new entrepreneurs. Such support will scale up the success stories of start-ups and encourage a positive trend as far as partnerships across all business sectors and stakeholders are concerned. We are enormously thankful for the abundant support from OMINVEST.”

He added, “We are very happy with the contribution and key roles that our Support Partners play. This echoes the significance of the Direct Support Programme and how well it has been perceived. Oman’s leading companies coming forward to back Zubair SEC members contributes towards a dynamic and vibrant ecosystem that promotes collaboration between various organisations in the country.”

Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme which has established a very reputable and credible positioning in the SMEs arena has grown extraordinarily over the past five years. The programme has been providing support and mentorship to high-potential young entrepreneurs and business owners. With this year’s announced winners, the Direct Support Programme has so far signed up 48 winners in its five editions.

Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme is considered one of the most important programmes in the field of entrepreneurship support in the Sultanate. The programme aims at creating a spirit of positive competition between Zubair SEC’s members to enrol in the programme, and thus earn a package of essential services to launch and maintain successful and sustainable businesses through set working plans implemented in cooperation between the Centre and the programme members. Furthermore, programme winners receive a financial grant and business development opportunities.

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