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Zubair SEC member Grandma’s Mixes launches new production unit in Barka
Muscat, 13 November 2018

With the strategic support of Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC), Zaima Saif Nasser Al Salami, founder of Grandma’s Mixes has launched her production unit in Barka, along with a new range of hinna-based hair colour and hair care products. The launching event took place on at the new production unit supported by Zubair SEC.

Zaima, who specialises in herbal and henna products, is a winner of the Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme for the year 2017.

The launch event was held under the patronage of Ziyad Muhammad Al Zubair, board member of The Zubair Corporation. The event was attended by management executives from The Zubair Corporation, Zubair SEC, and SME support stakeholders, along with some aspiring entrepreneurs.

The new production unit was designed and implemented to its very details by Zubair SEC advisors, tapping on the expertise of some executives and industry specialists from Oasis Water, one of The Zubair Corporation’s companies; they extended support in establishing the production line, selecting equipment and blending machine, and facilitating shipment and delivery. Moreover, as Zubair SEC encourages collaboration and cross-selling amongst its members, another member of the centre and winner of its Direct Support Programme, Jokha Al Husaini, founder of Al Shumookh Engineering, have been contracted for the building construction of the new production unit in Barka.

The newly launched Grandma’s Mixes’ hair colour products range includes the colours of blonde, chocolate and chestnut, while the hair treatment products that were unveiled includes anti-dandruff and anti-hair loss products. The uniqueness about Grandma’s Mixes product range is that only natural ingredients from Oman are used to prepare them, mainly the Hinna plant that is very popularly planted in the Sultanate, especially in Al Sharqiyah.

Inspired by traditional Omani hair care formulas, Zaima created the range of hair colours and treatment products with the help of extensive guidance and advisory she received from Zubair SEC. Zaima also worked alongside experts at The Zubair Corporation for art and design inputs for packaging and branding.

Congratulating Zaima, Ziyad Al Zubair said, “We are tremendously proud of the fortitude and vision of Zaima. We appreciate her commitment towards the success and growth of her business. We would like to wish her the best for the future and would like to urge aspiring entrepreneurs to take inspiration from her.”

Lauding the efforts of Zubair SEC, Ziyad Al Zubair added, “In line with its strategy to support members, Zubair SEC has always been in the forefront in assisting ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs to grow assertively. The important role that Zubair SEC plays in supporting growth and boosting capability of SMEs in Oman must always be extolled.”

Nauzer Nowroji, Senior Advisor at Zubair SEC said, “Zaima has worked hard to fulfill her goals and we are delighted with her accomplishment.  In addition to our intensive work with Zaima in designing and implementing the new production unit, Zubair SEC’s team also worked on the branding for Grandma’s Mixes as well as products packaging. The objective was to make the branding reflect originality and contemporary designs that would help sell the products to a market base that is very competitive. She is a winner of the Direct Support Programme for year 2017; the support she got reflects the fact that Zubair SEC’s backing for its member is continuous and never stops.”

Expressing her gratitude Zaima Al Salami said, “Thanks to the significant guidance extended by the centre, my dream today has become a business reality.  The support that I have been receiving since I joined Zubair SEC has played a key role in the success of my business. The team at Zubair SEC has been paying close attention to details of my business operations and products providing me with guidance at every step.”

To equip her with knowledge of established industrial henna formulas for hair and practical experience, Zubair SEC had sent Zaima on a certification training programme at the Institute of Natural and Modern Cosmetech considered a pioneer organisation in the field of cosmetics training and research in Faridabad in India.

The objective of the training was to make Zaima go through an intensive certification programme designed for those who want to enter into the production of hair henna products.

Ziama, who completed her training and received professional certification, is equipped to formulate different colours of henna. The formulas, she has learnt in the training programme, are commercially approved industrial recipes.

Zaima, who has about 20 years of work experience in the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman, has a master’s in information technology from the University of Queensland in Australia.

Having received a professional certificate from the institute, Zaima can now mass produce and also knows how to manage, store and mix the ingredients professionally. She now has an operating manual to formulate the mix too.

Zubair SEC, a social responsibility initiative of Z-Corp continues building solid business grounds and facilitating business development opportunities for all its members. Through Zubair SEC, its members have been getting better access to knowledge, innovation and understanding of the market.

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