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Zubair SEC delivers two days business model workshop for Injaz Oman students
Muscat, 29 January 2019

Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) organised a two-day business model workshop for students of Injaz Oman’s Al Sharikah programme. The workshop, which was attended by over 100 students, deliberated on the significance of developing a business model.

Advisors from Zubair SEC counselled the participants on how a solid business model can create value for customers and profits for start-ups. During the workshop the participating students were trained to build a business model and were shown the tools necessary for developing a winning business model.   

Zubair SEC and Injaz Oman have been collaborating and playing a key role in developing a culture of entrepreneurship in the country since September 2013. Through their partnership, both organisations have put in a lot of effort to support and mentor high-potential young entrepreneurs. Zubair SEC has held several workshops for Injaz Oman students on the topics of entrepreneurship, social impact and innovation. Zubair SEC’s advisors have been part of Injaz Oman’s assessment jury for the Al Sharikah programme for the past few years.

Khaula Al Harthy, executive director of Injaz Oman said, “The students who participated in the workshop organised by advisors in Zubair SEC have benefitted immensely from it. It gave them an understanding on why a business model is a blueprint for start-up success. This session helped our students define what they want from the business plan, understand what their customers want, and decide how to optimize their business.”

Adel Hubeishi, senior advisor, Zubair SEC said, “The objective of organising the workshop was to help aspiring entrepreneurs gain clarity on their business model. We wanted them to understand that generating a business model is about mapping how they will create ongoing value for their customers. We received a very positive response from the students. Since at Zuabir SEC we are very keen on raising awareness for potential entrepreneurs at a very early stage, every year we organise activities, initiatives, programmes and training for Injaz Oman students. Through these workshops they have learnt of best practices that will positively impact their business.”

Participants expressed that the workshop was very hands-on and practical. “It was of immense value to me and helped me greatly in clarifying my personal goals and my start-ups ideas. It was a valuable workshop,” said a student.

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