Advisory Board
Zubair SEC Advisory Board

Zubair SEC´s Advisory Board provides the Centre with strategic direction and provides its members with non-binding but informed guidance, serving as a tremendous ally in the quest for superior corporate governance. It also monitors the performance and development of the Centre.

The Board is composed of influential and knowledgeable experts drawn from a broad and balanced variety of civil society international stakeholders with profound business experience and commended social contributions and socio-economic input inside and outside the Sultanate.  Each member of the Advisory Board contributes to the Centre within their respective field of competence. The Board also ensures that the Centre´s operations align with the Corporate Social Responsibility vision and mission of The Zubair Corporation.

Rashad Mohammad Al Zubair
Chairman, The Zubair Corporation
Khalid Mohammad Al Zubair
Managing Director, The Zubair Corporation
Chief Executive Officer, The Zubair Corporation
Mohammed Mubarak Al Hasani
Chief Communications Officer, The Zubair Corporation
Partner, neXgen Group
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