Published Report Oct 2017
Published Report Oct 2017

“SMEs Ecosystem in the Sultanate; Sensing and Seizing Opportunities in the Tourism Industry”

Research Publishing Date: 2 October 2017

Copyright: Zubair SEC, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, Get in the Ring Foundation

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It is our pleasure to share with you the published report on “SMEs Ecosystem in the Sultanate; Sensing and Seizing Opportunities in the Tourism Industry”.

Zubair SEC has recently concluded this national study in collaboration with the Embassy of the Netherlands in the Sultanate, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship, and Get in the Ring Foundation. The empirical study covered entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprise from various governorates, as well as a number of stakeholders from the SMEs ecosystem.

Through such studies, Zubair SEC aims to provide a solid and impactful research work that would contribute to the further development of the SME support ecosystem in general, and enable SMEs to identify and seize business opportunities in the tourism industry in specific.

The research has been conducted by reputable research organisations in the Netherlands, well acknowledged for their vast experience and expertise in entrepreneurship development across Europe. The effort aimed at marrying international expertise with local insight and reach, and provide tools and knowledge that can be put into practice in the Sultanate.

We hope you would find the report interesting to read, and we always welcome your feedback and insight on any parts of the publication.

(Note: The positioning of organisations on the SME Support Ecosystem Diagram in the report is based on available published information about each initiative / organisation. It is not an all-encompassing overview of the players in the ecosystem, but rather highlights most of the active players in the field who are making a difference to SMEs and start-ups in the Sultanate. Where relevant, organisations and initiatives have been placed in several categories, and their positioning reflects only their core activities and the services provided to SMEs by each organisation. Clearly, an SME ecosystem can develop rapidly, meaning the diagram is not static but subject to revision. For any further inquiries and input please contact Zubair SEC). 


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