Centre Profile
Centre Profile
We believe a supportive Omani community environment is one where:
SEs are recognised as valuable assets
SEs have the opportunity to contribute and expand their talents and knowledge
SEs have access to a full spectrum of business, financial, advisory, educational, and social services and support, appropriate to their needs and interests
SEs are treated by all stakeholders respectfully and with appreciation for their key role in the economy
SEs strengthen the economy while benefiting their business
With this in mind, Zubair SEC has opened its membership to Omani entrepreneurs to provide them with various benefits, including:
  • Direct access to the Centre’s experts for business advisory services and the opportunity to connect with the respective staff in person or through various other channels;
  • Management tools such as business plan templates, organisational structure options, and feasibility studies;
  • Professional, educational and social programmes and events held regularly for small enterprises, including seminars, training workshops, and networking engagements;
  • Advisory services by specialised advisors;
  • Facilitated communication and interaction among fellow small enterprises;
  • Access to the Centre’s strategic partners;
  • Preferred prices, offers and benefits from both local and national partners interested in supporting SEs;
  • Facilitated communication with selected financial institutions and reputable business corporations;Financial grants for selected entrepreneurs who get selected for the annual Direct Support Programme;
  • Business development opportunities;
  • Serviced offices.
Our Core Services
Our activities at Zubair SEC are supported by a dynamic ecosystem as shown in the below diagram. This ecosystem provides integration and complementation of efforts in a manner that guarantees best business advisory services and support to our members.
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