Business Advisory Services
We offer a range of business advisory services tailored to meet the business growth needs of our member small enterprises. Much of our work involves advising our members on regional and economic strategies, benchmarking their business delivery, mapping both demand for and supply of their business concepts, and developing practical training and development tools for use across a wide range of business environments.

Our unique position means that we are called upon to deliver business advisory services for entrepreneurs on a regular basis. Our continuous monitoring efforts by our team ensure that the targets envisaged in the business plan are met consistently and that the Management has been able to tide over its initial challenges and is set to plan for upcoming expansion stages.

The range of work that we undertake is wide and varied, the most popular of which are centered on business planning:
Incorporation Plan - to set up the company in compliance with all legal and regulatory aspects
Market Plan - to penetrate and establish in the market
Financial Plan – spells out the detailed financial workings for the business for the next 2-5 years. It projects the performance that the business can achieve by implementing the plan in terms of profitability of the business focusing on the expenses for startup and the forecast for sales
Corporate Structure Strategy - for defining the Management Structure
Manpower Plan - for identifying the manpower requirement and fixing the manpower budget
Investment Plan - defines the required sources of funds, the amount needed for year one of operation, etc
Operational Plan - outlines the Standard Operating Procedures to be carried out for running day to day business
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