Our Message
Our Message
Greetings entrepreneurs, mentors, and all interested parties. Our Centre welcomes you all. We are a state-of the-art facility that combines the hard infrastructure (serviced offices, meeting rooms, training facilities, business lounges, etc.) with the soft advisory services (training, mentoring, coaching, consulting, etc.). 

We have an open approach to entrepreneurship and we engage with individuals and groups from across the Sultanate and the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem. We assist start-ups, businesses that wish to scale, and various institutions that may need assistance with their operations – marketing, programming, strategy, and more; whether they are in the private, public or not-for-profit sector.

Our one-on-one business advisory support services (BASS) are free of charge and are a great way for all interested parties to gain information and advice specific to their business and their situation. Our team of experts is always willing to take the time to share all they know in their field falling back on their personal experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, we continue to develop our entrepreneurial toolkit with guidelines, templates, best practices, and useful resources, to assist any and all in refining/ transforming their business concepts and/or current businesses. 

We connect all who are interested with a network of professionals who have volunteered their time just to lend a listening ear and pass the required expert information in their respective fields of strength. We are also up-to-date on the most current and valuable financial programs and have formed strong alliances with such institutions who have positioned themselves and adopted similar visions of supporting the small and medium enterprise sector in accessing the most support and resources possible to ready entrepreneurs.

We would like to position Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) as the catalyst for “building businesses in the Sultanate”. If you have a current project or a business concept or merely interested in assisting us in building the knowledge capital in the Sultanate and would like to engage with us to develop it further, please contact us.


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