Since I joined Zubair SEC I have found all the services beneficial, starting from advisory services on creating a business plan, and especially a financial plan. I have spent lots of time with the team to come up with the right financial plan. I also feel confident to talk to all the team regarding all my business matters and always receive advises and help– Nadia Said Salim Al Shamsi, member at Zubair SEC
It means the world to me that you are taking time to think about my business- Eman Al Farsi, member at Zubair SEC
"We’ve been facing challenges with financial recording, book keeping, and professionalism in management, strategic thinking, branding, and communication. Zubair SEC helped us resolve them with constructive consultation and feedback; linking us with experts in the areas we requested support in, and linking us with new customers to widen our customer database. The team at Zubair SEC keep providing us with strong trustful and professional guidance and mentoring relationship– Wafa Al Jabri, member at Zubair SEC
Zubair SEC team have helped me out with the business and financial plans and in resolving internal issues. Some main challenges I had were the actual start of the project, the way to start it, and how to start it;Zubair SEC tem helped me a lot with that” – Mohammad Al Lawati, member at Zubair SEC
I would like to thank Zubair SEC for your time and for the valuable feedback on my Business Plan idea- Zeena AL-Towayya, member at Zubair SEC
The Excel sheet sent was very helpful as it had all the calculations in it with formulas and so on. With your support, our global recognition is assured I believe- Nasra Zakwani, member at Zubair SEC
Thank you very much for the legal advice. It is good to know in advance what we will get if we take this issue legally. Thank you again for the quick support- Kamil Al Lawati
The workshop was excellent and extremely beneficial as it helped us become more knowledgeable and better equipped to market our projects in the right way. It also provided us with guidance on how to avoid communication mistakes that could harm our business- Yasser Abdullah Al Abdullah, member at Zubair SEC
I would like to thank Zubair SEC for offering me the unique opportunity to turn my hobby and creativity into a business and the opportunity to attend all those precious workshops. The PR workshop was very beneficial and informative, especially that my business is at the stage of establishing the brand and logo of the business- Nadia Said Salim Al Shamsi, member at Zubair SEC
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